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3 Key Types of Qualitative Research - Research Guide

If you are doing some research and you want to observe people’s behavior and belief instead of focusing on the numerical data, then it’s better for you to go for the qualitative method. Proper chats and communication give you a better answer for your research questions and you can comprehend things more accurately. It helps you get a clear image and get a deep insight into your research topic. 

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Qualitative Method of Research

In this research type, you are supposed to collect and analyze data that is non-numerical such as the texts, theories, videos, discussions, and audios. You mostly rely on these pieces of information and then gather in-depth insight into your research. Through this qualitative research, you are able to generate new ideas for your study or paper. It is like digging into the multiple non-numeric sources of information to take out something new and creative.

This research is most commonly used in literature and linguistics, in social science, and in humanities such as education, nursing, and health care studies, sociology, and history or anthropology.

Types of Qualitative Research

This methodology is quite different from the quantitative research method because in quantitative, you are supposed to collect numerical data for statistical analysis. You can gather this data with the help of surveys and interviews.

The qualitative methodology has multiple types that help the researchers to analyze the people’s experiences in depth. These types are more flexible because, in a different context, they tend to focus on retaining the original meaning and get an essay writing service


1.      In-depth Interviews

The most effective type is in-depth interviews in which the researcher can do one-on-one interviews with the other person. These interviews are not pre-structured as they are flexible, and the question tends to change with the discussion. This type gives room to the researcher to ask multiple questions to get the answer to the problem he/she is addressing. It is the most commonly used method in qualitative methodology.

This interview can take up to 50 or 60 minutes if you have more questions and with this, you can access the personal reflection of the interviewee. If you are asking some online website to “write my essay”, then you have told them all the details about the interview and the results you get. They will assist you in writing your results of the in-depth interview in detail. 

2.      Historical methodology

In this method, the researchers mostly rely on past events, experience, and data to study contemporary patterns and also predict future conditions. For this purpose, you can read the past literature in the forms of texts and papers and also by reading the primary source of information from the library and archives.

Once you have based your research on the historical data, then you can move towards analyzing it with respect to your own point of view. You have an advantage here that you can either accept the perspective or you can simply reject it, but you can also take both sides and create your own analysis out of the historical data. The choice is yours.

3.      Narrative Methodology

This method is usually used by researchers if they have to measure the impact of something on individuals. It prefers to analyze the events in order just like a cohesive story and then you analyze the situations and multiple approaches. You can focus on themes, challenges, and conflicts.

To comprehend these events and situations, the researchers conduct interviews as well so that they can understand the impact of those events on the individual’s behavior. It can take time as well because these interviews can be conducted after weeks and months as well and have the best essay writing services


But if you are planning to do some research and you want to choose the qualitative method, then these are the main three types that can help you out in carrying out your research.


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